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Mark Mawson

Aqueous Fluoreau by Mark Mawson



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Alberto Seveso

These stunning and vibrant images have been created by Alberto Seveso by photographing ink in water.

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Zim and Zou

Amazing paper art from Zim and Zou

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Photographer: Emma Styles

Model: Anita Cannon

MUA: Adele Coxon

I was recently sent these beautiful images from Emma Styles Photography featuring my collar scarf. You can view the rest of the photos here


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I previously showed you the beautiful work of  Diana Costa and mentioned the hope of a collaboration, well here it is!  These gorgeous shots have been photographed by Diana Costa and my scarves are being beautifully modelled by Sarah Jane York and Yan Neek. I am so grateful to all three for doing such an amazing job and in the bitter cold! You can view the rest of the photoshoot here

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These amazing images have been done by Fulvio Bonavia and are made from real food! Each item was made by hand  with no use of photoshop.  Bonavia’s idea behind this is “If you do not want to eat it – wear it!” These accessories are stunning and stylish as well as making your mouth water!

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Diana Costa

These gorgeous photographs have been beautifully shot by Diana Costa. I instantly thought her work was stunning when I first saw it, she really has an eye for composition.  Diana has offered to do some shots of my collar scarves, which I’m very excited about. So watch this space for our collaboration!

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